Integrative STEM Education

Festo has launched Integrative STEM to support secondary schools in technical education and help to spark interest in technology also with the youngest.

Integrative STEM means integrating state of the art technology training, based on hands on activities and the use of digital tools, combined with innovative learning solutions fostering 21st century skills and providing a fruitful insight in modern technology-related jobs.

The guiding principles are:

  • Hands on Activities wherever possible because students learn best by doing
  • Activities that spark interest in the topic of science and technology, e.g. Bionics
  • Digital learning content which, fitted to the needs and the level of the students, allowing self learning
  • Modular and flexible design of the learning system, allowing different learning paths and setting different focus.
  • Specific Content teaches the basics of 21st century skills and projects ask for the application of those skills.


Our product portfolio

In order spark interest also with the youngest and to satisfy the growing demand on technical education in secondary education Festo has started a product portfolio especially for the target group.

Teaser product overview
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