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Nature - Impact for future generation

The topic of nature is a big issue in society today. We see young people protesting for climate protection and sustainability.

It is important to create awareness for these topics like environmental and climate protection worldwide. Nature has an impact for future generation, for sure. Thinking about and understanding of nature and how we can make use out of this – is a topic that e.g. bionics or sustainable production technologies can address.

Therefore, bionics is a good approach to get the awareness of the young people. The globe needs educated technicians to help to protect the environment.

Climate change is omnipresent and is increasingly seen as a major problem for the planet. For this reason, sustainable action is becoming increasingly relevant in order to counteract climate change. It is therefore particularly important to equip the younger generation with the skills they need to make an economic, ecological and social contribution.

Green Skills

The bionic way of thinking and way of working supports the learners to deal with future future topics such as lightweight construction, resource conservation, energy efficiency and optimization and optimization. The aim is to lay the foundation laid at an early stage to develop develop green skills, which help the learners future-oriented, sustainable thinking and acting and self-efficacy enable them to do so. These future topics sustainability, environmental protection and biological transformation must be increasingly integrated into the integrated be integrated.

The learning opportunities also target the topics of renewable energies such as wind and solar energy. Topics related to sustainable production are also addressed.

Furthermore, topics such as resource and energy efficiency, lightweight construction and functional integration from bionics can be excellently combined with the learning objectives of the students with regard to sustainable thinking and acting.