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Festo Didactic

Technical education solutions

Festo Didactic is a world-leading solution provider of technical education and training with strong industrial DNA. With a state-of-the-art didactic approach, the company ensures the employability and productivity of their customers. The learning environments are developed for education and industry. Industrial workforce development is a key success factor for companies. That’s why Festo Didactic helps to re- and upskill employees. As an integral part of the Festo Group, the interplay of automation and education is remarkable.The learning systems of Festo Didactic are used worldwide by schools and universities, industry-wide institutes and companies to train the specialists of tomorrow.

From basic equipment to turnkey solutions

The portfolio of Festo Didactic covers all technical equipment for efficient learning and guaranteed success – from simple simulation software to individual training packages, and from modular learning factory to fully equipped training centers.

Learning in all fields of automation

The product and service portfolio offers customers holistic educational solutions for key technology fields like factory automation, process automation, fluid power, building system technology, environmental technology and renewable energy, electronics, electric power technology, industrial trades, communications and radar technology or HVAC and refrigeration.

Training and consulting for industrial companies

Festo Didactic has over 40 years of experience in the field of training and 20 years of experience in process optimization. With around 42,000 people taking part in seminars and training courses every year, we are a leading global partner in industrial training and development. Learners acquire technology knowledge and soft skills in team-oriented and practical training on physical learning systems with industrial components. They can also learn location- and time-independent through digital online learning opportunities. This is also made possible by the new digital learning portal: the Festo Learning Experience (Festo LX).

Integrative STEM education

Our didactic team of experts are also dedicated to working with students, teachers, schools, and parents to expose children at a much earlier age to advanced technical careers. Access to high-quality STEM education sparks the curiosity and hands-on experience needed to inspire students to choose postsecondary study in STEM subject areas. Early exposure lays a critical foundation that gives students the confidence and skills they need to explore innovative jobs that require critical thinking and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing industries like Industry 4.0.

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