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MecLab – Technology for schools

Automation technology is one of the most important growth technologies in the world. Automated systems are to be found in virtually every area of life today. Festo is the innovative leader in industry and process automation. And with our subsidiary Festo Didactic, we are the leading provider of learning and skills-development solutions.

With MecLab, the new learning system for schools, students gain insights into one of the most significant fields of application for automation technology – production technology.

The three MecLab stations represent simplified models of typical processes to be found in any automated production plant.

The learning objectives of MecLab

With MecLab a wealth of teaching topics and curriculum requirements can be covered, because its contents can be adapted accordingly:

  • Introduction to industrial production
  • Using technical terms correctly
  • Planning, developing and setting up technical systems
  • Understanding and using technical documentation; creating and using schematic diagrams, circuit diagrams, parts lists and technical drawings
  • Building models and creating simulations
  • Understanding and applying open- and closed-control loop systems
  • System thinking and understanding the interactions of subsystems
  • Developing and constructing electric, electronic and pneumatic circuits
  • Understanding and using pneumatic and electrical actuators, sensors and controllers
  • Using computers as tools for programming and simulation

Realistic and fascinating

  • MecLab replicates real industrial production processes.
  • Only industrial components are employed.
  • The students are presented with a diverse range of modification, expansion and programming possibilities.

The tools required for making modifications are included. The wiring of the electrical components is simple and does not require tools, due to the use of standardized plugs. That lets you utilize MecLab flexibly in your classes, however you prefer.

Modular and flexible

The MecLab stations can be used alone. Each one performs a practical function in itself, offering a wide range of learning possibilities and subject matter.

In addition, the stations can be joined together to form more complex “production lines”. This results in many opportunities for project work.

Thus, after a short initial training period, students can take on the role of engineers and start working with MecLab. By interchanging components, the standard exercises can be expanded and changed.