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What is Bionics4Education?

Bionics4Education combines analog and digital learning in a didactic form with practical-oriented educational kits and an accompanying digital learning environment.

Bionics4Education was developed by a team of engineers, designers, computer scientists and biologists. The team, which had successfully developed bionically inspired projects in the past, recognised that the countless prototypes and experimental models developed during the design process could be used as a source of ideas to get young people in particular excited about bionics and about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) worldwide.

The didactic and learning strategy of the educational kit is based on the multi-layered learning experience of the people involved in the Bionic Learning Network. During the development phases of countless bionics projects, the experts were able to gather valuable experience over the years, which can now be passed on in a targeted manner with Bionics4Education.

These bionics prototypes are at the heart of learning and have been adapted into a modular educational concept with a unique learning construction kit. Bionics for the classroom.

The goal of Festo’s Bionics4Education is to offer a range of bionics-inspired projects and supporting content that educators can use to create a project-based learning experience for their students that emphasizes creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

Finally, bionically inspired robots can be assembled with these learning construction kits. The idea is to build robots based on nature’s model and to control them remotely with mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Why is Bionics4Education unique?

  • fosters the curiosity of young people and inspires students to learn about robotics and bionics
  • strengthen creativity and fun while learning from nature
  • inspires and motivates learners to use STEM-topics in bionically inspired projects
  • each prototype can be individually designed · ideal combination of digital and analogue learning units

With Bionics4Education the following skills for the learners will be promoted:

  • Creativity
  • Practical and Interdisciplinary work
  • Problem-solving orientation
  • Critical thinking
  • Support in competent handling of digital media
  • Innovative ability through enthusiasm for inspiring innovations
  • Bionic Thinking

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The educational concept Bionics4Education allows the world of bionics to be experienced in the classroom – with practical training kits and a digital learning environment.